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Could you use a shot of positivism right now? I know I sure could. Good thing I am here to help!

Drop down there to the comments and leave your username. Then, go around to the threads of your friends/acquaintances and leave one word that you think describes them. The catch? If someone else has already used the word you want to use, you have to come up with a new one. Seen this person once or twice in a community and found their posts to be funny? Let them know! Best friends or general acquaintances alike, this is the place for an ego massage.

And, of course, the words need to be positive. "Dipshit," while funny, is not very esteem-boosting.

Let's leave our friends a veritable them-thesaurus, shall we?

Feel free to copy and paste this into your own LJ to spread the love around:
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Back to School Friending Meme Extraordinaire!

I have always wanted to do a friending meme in my journal! Why? Because friending memes are super cool, and I am not gonna lie, every time somebody posts one, I think, "Damn, I should have done that."

So I am doing it now! The entry is public, so please, share!

Copy and paste this into a comment and let your colors show! *

* We here at the [livejournal.com profile] rhetoricians friendstravaganza experience make no guarantees regarding the caliber or quality of potential friend candidates, only that she has some awesome friends and wants to share them and make some new ones!

Of course, for this to work, it has to be shared! Here is a link to the HTML code for the sharing portion of our fair meme!

ETA: The HTML code should link back to this entry now! I am a huge derp. Please post away! (there might be a spare "div" in there but if you just delete it it'll be A-OK).


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